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7. Ideation games with cards

Gamification techniques are often used for ideation. Their  benefits is that they offer a guided process, and help people relax, communicate, and have a common reference, and come up with ideas in a playfull but structured way. such methods that use gamification for ideation often use thematic card toolkits. Various card based methods are specially designed, and reported in the links related section: IoT tiles cards, IDEO user centered design toolkit, PLEX ideation cards method, MethodKit card sets, Triggers cards, bord of innovation, are to mention but some toolkits that have been more widely produced and used.

Refer to the section 5.9 of Kumar's book (Ideation game), to the Ideation games and game card techniques links section, as well as to the two related research articles: PLEX cards and Toolkits cards and games.



Ideation games and game card techniques
Gamification techniques for ideation: such methods often include ideation games that use thematic card toolkits. Various card based methods are specially designed, and reported in this section


MethodKit has developed various card sets.

Each card presents an approach that helps you think about the topic from a new angle.

Icon, headline and description; strong visual language, bright colors. They are deliberately simple, to not distract you from what’s really important – your ideas. Most kits contain around 60 cards which when used together, form a holistic visual overview of the topic at hand.

The Methodkits are to map different types of projects and come up with new ideas. Example sets inclide wedding planning, architectural cards, personal development, and many other sets, i.e.   methodkit with personas    Methodkit with human needs

triggers human centric deck

The deck for service designers and design thinkers. Use it to create new products/services ideas and innovation that put users in the centre.

IDEO Method Cards  

IDEO Method Cards are a tool to showcase methods we use to inspire great design and keep people at the center of our design process. Each of the 51 cards describes one method and includes a brief story about how and when to use it. The deck is used to gain a new perspective, inspire a team, turn a corner, or try a new approach.

It is reated as IDEO's response to requests from clients, colleagues, students, and teachers; IDEO Method Cards are intended as inspiration for practicing and aspiring designers, as well as those seeking a creative spark in their work.

Board of innovation , brainstorm cards  

 A corporate ideation game with brainstorm cards, with 52 triggers to generate new business ideas.

Wild Cards: A Tool for Ideation and Brainstorming  

A blog article on school projects ideation, by anne situ

Tiles Internet of Things toolkit (IoT tiles cards)  

Product development for the Internet of Things (IoT) is often pushed by advances in technology rather than human needs. We want to keep human drives at the center of IoT development by involving end-users into creative ideation and prototyping of novel products.

The Tiles project develops a methodology and a set of tools to accelerate collaborative learning, ideation and prototyping for the IoT.

PLEX Cards · Playful Experiences Cards  

Playfulness can be observed in all areas of human activity. It is an attitude of making activities more enjoyable. Designing for playfulness involves creating objects that elicit a playful approach and provide enjoyable experiences.

These are the 22 PLEX Cards, plus its two related idea generation techniques: PLEX Brainstorming and PLEX Scenario. The cards were created to communicate the 22 categories of the Playful Experiences (PLEX) framework to designers, researchers and other stakeholders who wish to design for playfulness.