English for Economists I (ECΟ_1Ξ01Ν)

Αλεξάνδρα Λοτσάρη-Γρουμπού

Language: English
Degree: Undergraduate
Department: Department of Economics

Εnglish for Economists I


An intermediate (FCE) level of the English language is required  in order  to successfully attend  and  receive a passing grade  for the course. Students with any type of certificate of proficiency in the English language are not exempt from the course.

Objectives and content:

 The aim of this introductory course is to familiarize students with the English language used in the field of Economics. A series of   authentic or  adapted  texts  from  Economics university textbooks, periodicals and   web-pages  are read and discussed in class for  comprehension , vocabulary acquisition and development. Students learn  to read and describe  tables, charts and  diagrams related to economics. Complex grammar and syntax  found  in the reading selections is explained and practiced . The selected texts  are drawn mostly from  Microeconomics.

Topics include:

Observation a